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Assouline, a globally renowned publisher of culture, lifestyle, and luxury books, has dedicated a special edition to the enchanting Lake Como. Titled "Lake Como Idyll," this book is part of the "Travel Series," showcasing significant tourist destinations worldwide. It stands as a beautifully crafted masterpiece, capturing the essence of Lake Como through a curated collection of images depicting its nature, lifestyle, and architecture.

We take immense pride in the inclusion of both Breakwater Griante and Atelier di Loppia in this publication. For more details, please visit Assouline's official website.

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Our collaboration with Pinetti, a leading manufacturer of leather furnishings for the luxury world, has enabled us to complement the refined design of our villas with unique products. They enrich the tables in the rooms with their creations, with elegant pocket empties, handkerchief holders and more.

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Yves Delorme Paris

The collaboration with Yves Delorme Paris was created to provide our guests with the ultimate in comfort by combining the fineness and softness of touch with the lightness of their bedding, elements that enrich the style and complement the sophistication of the different suites.  Fine fabrics pamper our guests to give them an unforgettable sensory experience.

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Bose Professional

Founded on the belief that innovation begins with exploration, Bose Professional is dedicated to delivering the simplest path to incredible sound in performance, commercial, and conferencing applications.

For more than 50 years Bose Professional systems have delivered unforgettable audio experiences.

The possibility of customizing every space with the music guests enjoy the most makes every moment even more special. Thanks to the collaboration with Bose Professional, we can provide our guests the perfect soundtrack for their holiday, with an unparalleled audio system in the setting of an unrivalled landscape.

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Vispring operates in the sector of mattresses since 1899 and the acquired experience makes them the leader of the sector. The company produces hand-made mattresses, studied to make the rest of the guest, the most comfortable as possible. Vispring is the ideal partner that allows us to provide to our guests the luxury of sleeping pampered in the absolute comfort.